Insurer: rhenusana

Rhenusana is a health insurance company based in Balgach, Switzerland. It represents about 9,500 insured persons. Premium income amounts to approximately CHF 46 million. Rhenusana is thus one of the medium-sized health insurance funds in Switzerland and operates under the umbrella of the RVK - the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Health Insurance Funds. The Rhenusana Association employs around 20 staff and trains two apprentices in 2017. Rhenusana has offices in Balgach and Oberriet.

Models of this insurer Compare

Name Type Average price
Assurance de base Basic insurance 270.0 CHF
Hausarzt-Modell Family doctor 230.0 CHF
sanmed24 Others 230.0 CHF


Reimbursement speed
(average, 2014)
4 day(s) on average
4 day(s) for an amount lower than 1'000 CHF, 5 for large amounts