Insurer: Atupri

Atupri Health Insurance, based in Berne, is a Swiss insurance company specialising in health insurance and accident insurance. Its core business is basic insurance in accordance with the Health Insurance Act and supplementary insurance. At the beginning of 2018, Atupri had around 204,000 insured persons and, with 233 employees, generated premium income of 772.3 million Swiss francs (premium income 2017).

The company was founded in 1910 as the company health insurance fund of the Swiss Federal Railways. With the introduction of the Health Insurance Act in 1995, it was transformed into a foundation and renamed the SBB Health Insurance Fund. The name was changed to Atupri in 2003 in the course of a further opening up to outside insured persons.

Models of this insurer Compare

Name Type Average price
Assurance de base Basic insurance 271.0 CHF
CareMed Family doctor 231.0 CHF
FlexCare Others 241.0 CHF
SmartCare Others 227.0 CHF
TelFirst Others 240.0 CHF


Reimbursement speed
(average, 2014)
3 day(s) on average
3 day(s) for an amount lower than 1'000 CHF, 3 for large amounts