Insurer: Assura

The company was founded in 1978 by Jean-Paul Diserens, President until 2013. In 2010, it had 560,796 insured, by the end of 2011 the number of insured had risen to 650,000, according to the 24-hour survey. Taking into account supplementary insurance, it has a total of 700,000 insured persons. Assura is one of the four largest health insurers in Switzerland. Its headquarters are in Pully and in 2012 it will have thirteen branches in Switzerland.

Models of this insurer Compare

Name Type Average price
AssurCall Others 171.0 CHF
Assurance de base Basic insurance 171.0 CHF
Médecin de famille Family doctor 151.0 CHF
Qualimed Family doctor 144.0 CHF
PharMed Family doctor 149.0 CHF
Réseau de soins Others 153.0 CHF


Reimbursement speed
(average, 2014)
34 day(s) on average
34 day(s) for an amount lower than 1'000 CHF, 37 for large amounts