Insurer: Agrisano

Agrisano Krankenkasse AG has three core areas - compulsory basic health insurance, KVG daily benefits insurance and accident insurance in accordance with UVG - and already has over 130,000 people with basic health insurance. They are prepared to act as independently as possible and still respect mutual solidarity. This behaviour is mainly responsible for our low premiums. Small risks should be borne by ourselves. On the other hand, large risks must be adequately insured. Agrisano Krankenkasse AG has 132,000 policyholders and generated premium income of around CHF 390 million in compulsory health insurance in 2016. Basic insurance under the Health Insurance Act is the main business.

Models of this insurer Compare

Name Type Average price
AGRIcontact Others 170.0 CHF
AGRIeco Family doctor 172.0 CHF
Assurance de base Basic insurance 195.0 CHF


Reimbursement speed
(average, 2014)
21 day(s) on average
21 day(s) for an amount lower than 1'000 CHF, 22 for large amounts